Vinyl Types

There are several types of vinyl wrap available. Varieties revolve around gloss, matte, satin, textured and clear.



Gloss Vinyl Wrap

Gloss vinyl wraps are available in almost any colour under the sun. This type of wrap is great when you wish to change the hue only but not the lustre. The finished product is shiny and gleams, just like paint.

Gloss vinyls can be solid colours or metallic (small metal flakes effect embedded in the main colour, that shimmers slightly and have high reflective properties).

Matte Vinyl Wrap

Matte vinyl wraps can totally transform your vehicle’s appearance, unlike any other paint job. To fully appreciate a car’s shape and design, you will really need to concentrate and look at its lines. A matte finish affords that opportunity as it filters out any reflection of the vehicle’s surroundings. Swage lines immediately become more pronounced – you are now looking at the vehicle itself, and not the surrounding that it reflects.

The most popular vinyl wrap effect that Carbon Demon has done over the years would be matte black. From 4-cylinder hatch-backs to super-cars and everything else in between, we have enhanced the appearance of many vehicles with our famous matte vinyl wraps. The results are a stealth vehicle that is unlike any other; this type of finish surely steps away from the mundane and norm.

When considering a matte vinyl wrap, look no where else but Carbon Demon.

Satin Vinyl Wrap

A variant of matte finish is satin. This finish has a level of lustre in between that of matte and gloss. It is not flat nor is it glossy. It is the medium of the two.

The result of a satin wrapped car is very intriguing.

  • Matte Orange R35 GTR Vinyl Wrap (3)

Matte Metallic Vinyl Wrap

Matte metallic vinyls have been a favourite at Carbon Demon. The term suggest an oxymoron. How can matte and metallic coexist?

The base colour is a matte colour; it has quite a low lustre level. Embedded within this colour are tiny specks of silver. The result is a vinyl wrap which is like no other. Under direct sunlight, a matte metallic wrapped vehicle glitters from the metallic specks but the overall effect is not a gloss. It sure is confusing to picture!

Take it from us though, the finished products is nothing short of stunning. It is a very classy finish indeed.

  • Matte Scirocco Polo

Textured Vinyl Wrap

These are finishes that spray painting cannot replicate – 3D vinyl wrap finishes. Essentially, these are self-adhesive stickers which have textures to them and have a distinguishable feel.

The texture give a 3-dimensional appearance. See it! Feel it!

Popular textured vinyls include carbon fibre, brushed metals, wood-grain and leather.

Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap

We have to make a special mention of CF wrap; this is what Carbon Demon is renowned for. This is a type of textured vinyl with a carbon fibre weave pattern. It looks hi-tech and can really spice up your vehicle’s individual components. Revamp unsightly wood grain interiors with a carbon fibre vinyl wrap. Refinish a chrome front grille with CF.

Mirror covers, rear valances, front lips, interior trim, door handles and garnishes – almost anything can be wrapped with great results…enhance their stock appearance with a Carbon Demon CF wrap!

Carbon fibre wrap is here to stay.

Clear Wrap – a.k.a. Paint Protection, Venture Shield, Stone Guard or PPF

Remember that first paint chip that you got on your brand new vehicle? You want to keep it looking new for as long as possible and Carbon Demon can help by applying Paint Protection Film!

Our computer-guided vinyl cutter, together with vehicle-specific template software allows the clear vinyl to be pre-trimmed with precision.

Say goodbye to paint damage with the modern and invisible version of the classic car-bar.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is not just for the motoring enthusiast; any car owner can benefit from having their investment protected.

  • 3M Venture Shield PPF Paint Protection Film

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