Lotus Elise Matte Orange Vinyl Wrap

Lotus Elise S 2013 Matte Orange – Vinyl wrap by Carbon Demon.

This car was painted red from factory on all of its fibreglass components, which includes all body clams, exterior panels, doors & aero-kit.
Much of these extend to the interior of the vehicle due to the unique design of the Elise.

Unlike a conventional monocoque vehicle, the Elise can be stripped down to a driveable, go-kart like aluminium chassis.

In order to achieve the best possible vinyl wrap results, all of the aforementioned fibreglass components were removed from the vehicle and wrapped individually. This also afforded wrapping of the door jambs to perfection.


Lotus Elise matte orange vinyl wrap

Matte orange Lotus vinyl wrap

Matte orange Elise

Lotus matte orange vinyl wrap

Brushed metal & carbon fibre vinyl wrap

Lotus Elise carbon fibre mirror vinyl wrap

Lotus Elise matte vinyl wrap

Lotus Elise clams removed for vinyl wrapping
Photos courtesy of OEA.automotiveart


Material used:
• Matte Orange (HEXIS HX-30000) –   body
• Satin Black (3M 1080) –   highlights around sills/doors, door jambs, roof bulkhead, spoiler, rear panel & interior
• Brushed Metal (AVERY Supreme) –   fuel cap bezel
• Carbon Fibre (AVERY Supreme) –   mirrors, fuel cap & front access panel
• Anthracite Silicon (Foliatec) –   wheels











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