The Wolverine – Movie Audi

"Incredible level of craftsmanship in wrapping the The Wolverine Audi by Carbon Demon.
Naturally, movie vehicles have to be perfect in every way and the finish of this wrap has certainly exceeded our expectations.

Sourcing brand new Audi cars in gloss black was more difficult than we had expected, but Carbon Demon pulled through with their complete vehicle wrap. Even the door jambs were wrapped!
From bumper to bumper, inside and out, the wrap was immaculate.

For a world-class quality wrap – Carbon Demon vinyl wraps are highly recommended, even for Hollywood productions."


Geoff Naylor, Fox Studios Australia





Wolverine Audi A8 Gloss Black Vinyl Wrap
The vehicle was grey from the factory. We applied gloss black vinyl for a complete colour change.

Wolverine Audi A8 Gloss Black Vinyl Wrap - Door Jambs
We had even wrapped the door jambs as Wolverine was to get in and out of the car in the script.

Wolverine  A8 Gloss Black Vinyl Wrap

Wolferine 2013 Audi A8
Full wrap complete.

Wolverine AUDI A8 Movie Car - Wrapped in Gloss Black Vinyl
Off to the studio it goes.

A8 Vinyl Wrap Removal
It later came back for the unwrapping. There was neither mess nor fuss. Completely residue-free on the paint.

Wolverine Audi A8 Gloss Black Vinyl Wrap - Post-filming Unwrap
The studio had left us a souvenir.

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